Producer of photovoltaic modules, panels and photovoltaic systems and applications

Crane Ltd is specialized in developing, producing, delivery, assembly and maintenance/servicing of mono-crystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules and solar applications.

Our company is focused on the development of solar systems and solar applications, which can provide profitable and economical source of electricity.

The production line has an annual capacity of 2 MW and has the option to produce PV modules that can be successfully integrated in various solar systems, i.e. off-grid, on- grid and hybrid systems.

Although Crane PV Modules are produced only with raw materials by proved suppliers, our engineers have developed and integrated a System for Quality Process Control, which guarantees the performance and durability of our solar panels through the years of exploitation.

Our Services



Design of electric and constructive part of photovoltaic system



Trained installers guarantees good performance and functioning of solar system


Maintenance and monitoring

Constriction, diagnosis, troubleshooting. Prevention (prophylactic) of equipment


Grid connected photovoltaic systems


Off grid photovoltaic systems


Hybrid photovoltaic systems

Solar panels

Production line is with annual capacity of 2 MW and enables the production of photovoltaic modules used in various types of solar systems - autonomous, grid connected and hybrid.

Although we use quality materials from proven manufacturers in the solar modules produced by Crane Ltd., our engineers have developed and implemented a Process Control System / controlled process /. This guarantee modules constancy through the years of exploitation.

Company’s ambition to follow world trends make us reliable partner. We provide to our customer competitive prices and flawlessly services. With our help investors and companies can realize their photovoltaic ideas.



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