Autonomy hybrid system for production of electricity and heating of water

Often we receive requests from our customers “can we install PV system and live off from electricity company”, YES it is possible on theory and practical it is possible. At what price? I will keep the price because I don’t want to lose your attention from technology.

Example in this system is exactly one, from Kan-Vip Ltd - requested us to participate in their project “Autonomy home” in cinema center “Boyana”, as supplier of photovoltaic part, PVT modules and solar electronic, and after few months later autonomy house is a fact. The system consist of 16 hybrid photovoltaic modules, which produce electricity energy and heating water in 300 l. boiler, enough to supply all household.

The system have function “unfreeze” which help to clean snow from the modules during the winter.

It is possible to add generator If the sunlight is now enough or in case of bad conditions for electricity production and all components can be manage automatic from solar electronic of Steca.

With few words we can conclude, now there is possibility and technologies for everybody to realize even his most daring dreams and to reasonable price.