About us

Crane Ltd. Is Bulgarian company, which has been operating in the field of renewable energy sources since 2008.  We offer follow services: consulting, design, delivery of materials, constructing, monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. We are focused to offer complete solutions of grid connected, hybrid (use min two sources of energy) and autonomous for industrial and home uses.

Developed long-term relationships with suppliers of photovoltaic modules and components, solar inverters, solar charge controllers and batteries as our warehouses stock guaranties you short delivery time, quality performance at competitive price

Thanks to our production line for photovoltaic modules we can offer customized modules which will satisfied every esthetic and architectural wish.

Our own development is a hybrid (PVT) photovoltaic module that allows to produce electricity and heat water in the same time.

We guaranty you a higher yield of our systems and a short ROI.