Solar roofs

Solar Roofs are suitable for industrial and private customers who aim to reduce their monthly electricity bills. To build them, the site must be connected to the electricity grid, since the inverter monitors the parameters of the "grid" and "injects" the generated current from the photovoltaic modules. The gradual reduction of preferential purchase prices and rising electricity sales prices made the photovoltaic plant a good and long-lived investment with an acceptable payback period. Depending on the specifics of the site, the capacity of the system and the method of financing, the payback period of the investment is approx 5 years (and is expected to decrease). Another of the indisputable advantages of grid connected system is the almost zero maintenance value, which guarantees a low cost of every kWh of electricity produced and consumed for a period exceeding 20 years.

Our team is ready to offer individual offers according to the specificities of your building, but we also offer some ready-made solutions for both sloping and industrial roofs.