E-BOX photovoltaic system for yacht, camper, bungalow

Presently photovoltaic production is one of the most rapidly growing energy technologies. Energy from renewable energy sources increasingly enters into modern life. It’s free and environment friendly.

Е-BOX uses sunlight and produces free of pollution electricity everywhere. Take the solar system when you go camping, on an excursion, chalet, yachting, hunting or fishing. Stop thinking for your mobile device’s battery, how you will keep your foodstuffs, what happens worldwide or what will be weather tomorrow.  Now you can bring the comfort of your home close to the nature, you can bring with you a small fridge, LCD TV, portable computer or other electrical device.

To satisfy your electricity needs when you are out, E-BOX uses free energy source – The Sun.

Only 6 hours on sunlight will be enough for the solar system to charge fully a battery. This gives you the opportunity to produce green energy for yourself and to enjoy life without any limits.

Protect nature and feel the freedom with Е-BOX.