Hybrid system for electricity and heating of water.

Crane Ltd in cooperation with „Solaris Energy Systems” &  „Complete Green Solutions” delivered and constructed solar system for production of electricity and heating of water in old English farm close to Coventry. Using combine PV module we found solution for both case studies in limited space and improved energy efficiency of the “Home Farm Bryan”. Perception that new technology is only for new and modern building is wrong. Integration of the photovoltaic modules in old buildings and agricultural as well, is possible, where we are withes of bad or even missing electric supply, but use of new technologies can “relive” such buildings.

Trough, this new acquisition “Home Farm Bryan” will decrease consumption of conventional electricity from mains which will realize real effect of savings without aggravation of the conditions in the farm from meaningless economies and in the same time owners of the farm will care for the environment which “fruits” use every day.