The pumps are developed and designed to be powered by the electricity produced by solar modules. They are connected together and function by means of a specially developed controller with integrated device monitoring the maximal production point ( MPP tracker ), which guarantees the optimal operation of the system under every weather condition (even in cloudy weather the system can function in case there is enough solar radiation for the solar modules to produce electricity).

With the combination of photovoltaic modules, controller and the solar pump you obtain an absolutely independent and reliable system for water extraction.

The set includes also water level sensors which further protect the solar pump and ensure its proper functioning.

When the modules start to produce electricity, the pump extracts water, and the extracted quantity increases with the increase of the radiation. The extracted water can be stored in a tank and thus used at any time for different purposes such as watering livestock, plant irrigation, etc., even at sunset when the pump stops operating.



  • A system independent from the electricity grid  
  • Suitable for installation in remote areas
  • Decentralized system providing high efficiency
  • Reduces the costs for water extraction. 

Solar water pumps